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Creating a perfect platform

AUTUMN Fair has come and gone already so that can only mean one thing, it’s exhibition time again.

Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences are a fantastic way to meet and greet existing customers and more importantly pick up some new ones. They can also be a great platform from which to launch a new product or service into the market. Whatever your intentions it is crucial that you have what they call in property sales “kerb appeal’.

That’s where Pumpkin come in, with their many years of experience and expansive knowledge of the very latest modular stands and bespoke systems available to purchase they are well placed to make recommendations that will provide you with the best possible return on your investment.

The experts at Pumpkin can guide you through the sometimes daunting minefield when it comes to deciding how to dress your stand with eye-catching graphics and accessories. From simple pull-ups and pop-up systems through to shell schemes and bespoke stand builds Pumpkin can manufacture, supply or install them all. They pride themselves on supplying high-quality graphic products at competitive rates and always look to add value by going the extra mile when it comes to delivery and installation.

With experience of working with small, sensitive venues like shopping centres or hotels right through to the larger more established halls such as the NEC in Birmingham or Excel in Docklands, Pumpkin can assist with all the required paperwork including health and safety requirements that are always a perceived obstacle.

So if you are looking to attend your first show or conference in 2019/2020 or indeed if you’re a seasoned exhibitionist it’s definitely worth giving Pumpkin a call to discuss your requirements or simply to get some free advice, not often you get something for nothing these days. Or even better, why not drop in and see them in Corby to see for yourself what’s achievable over a good cup of coffee?

Pumpkin can be contacted on 01536 402216 or visit the website at www.pumpkinsd.co.uk

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