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Trainee’s rapid rise recognised

THE team at Hilton Northampton is celebrating after one of its employees Ben Foster has been awarded the hotel chain’s prestigious Apprentice of the Year.

The 17-year-old landed the Apprentice of the Year award after a rapid rise in just 18 months with the famous chain.

Ben joined Hilton as one of its 274 apprentices nationwide after leaving school in 2018.

He started in reception and impressed the team so much he was promoted to a Front of House team leader while still in the apprenticeship programme.

He said: “I’m so happy and thankful to have been nominated by my team at Hilton Northampton.

“They have been an amazing support throughout my apprenticeship and helped me to grow and gain confidence in myself and my skills.

“I was the only person in my whole year who applied for an apprenticeship, everyone went on to further education. At first my friends were really surprised, but now they wish they’d done it too.”

Ahmet Donmez, General Manager, Hilton Northampton said: “I am very proud to see Ben Foster has been awarded the Apprentice of the Year title at National Apprenticeship Week event.

“This is not only because he won the award but because it is seeing him doing a fantastic job each day, learning and developing, and already promoted to be team leader.

“Ben, this is just the beginning – just first step on your career journey. We will see you keep growing in our Hilton family. Congratulations for your very well-deserved award. A big well done.

“Also, a big thank you to the Hilton team for your support and developing our future talents – Hannah Chick, Cheryl Brown, Stacy Belloch and Jacqueline McGann.”

To experience what the hotel can offer contact 01604 700666 or see the website at www.northampton.hilton.com Hilton Northampton is located at 100 Watering Lane, Collingtree, NN4 0XW

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