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Providing services for local businesses

IT’S probably best known as the company that handles the collection of household refuse and street cleansing on behalf of the District Council. However, Daventy Norse also has a wide portfolio of clients in trade waste management and grounds services, as Operations Director Nick Drake tells Business Times.

BT: You’ve been providing residential waste collection on behalf of the council since June 2018, what was the driver to move into trade waste collection and management as well?

ND: It was in the business plan from day one. We knew that there is a need for a reliable, flexible and competitive trade waste collection and management service in the area, and it was a natural extension to our services to the council.

BT: How does the trade waste service work?

ND: We can provide guidance on a range of services, giving advice on recycling and reuse of materials, plus delivering the collection service itself.

Trade customers have a range of bin size options, 240L, 360L and 1100L, and frequency of collection depending upon their specific waste volume and types of waste generated. Trade waste recycling is co-mingled but we do offer a separate food waste service. So, for example, we design a different service for pubs or restaurants that generate food waste, from one for an industry where dry waste is the main waste stream.

For hard-to-access properties we have invested in a small refuse vehicle which, incidentally, we also use to help clear fly-tips, another service we provide for businesses in the area.

We already have around 250 trade waste customers, a mix of light industry, retail and food services, and we expect this to increase significantly.

BT: Daventry Norse also provides grounds maintenance and associated services?

ND: Yes, again we carry out a lot of grounds related work for Daventry Town Council and a number of parish councils, including grounds and open spaces maintenance, landscape services, grass cutting, shrub and hedge maintenance, tree management and advice and weed spraying. And of course we provide grounds services for our partners, the District Council.

All these services can be provided to business sector clients as well. We’re also keen to serve the schools market, where as well as grounds maintenance we also undertake inspections of play areas and play equipment for schools and academies, and repair any damaged equipment.

We’ve recently invested in a £20K collection mower for contract work, and we’ll continue to invest in all of our services.

Daventry Norse is based at Contracts House, High March, Daventry, NN11 4HB. Find out more at www.daventrynorse.co.uk

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