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Collaboration is key

THERE’S no I in Team – that’s our mantra! With technology being not only vast, but also fast moving in the world we live in, DaniHar Technology believe that collaboration is the key to providing a rich and confident offering to its customers. DaniHar Technology provide multi-discipline consultancy and design services.

Founder Andy Long said: “This could involve designing or reviewing systems, software and/or electronics, or applying one to many disciplines into a new product development.

DaniHar Technology, which was established in 2016, works with customers to meet technology challenges – helping to solve problems or by coming up with a design of how the hardware will look, software to support that hardware and even a web interface or mobile app to support it as part of the solution.

Andy said: “In order for us to provide our services to the highest level, we collaborate with other industry specialists; after all we do not claim to know everything in tech, who does?”

“A design consultancy like DaniHar allows the client to focus on what they are trying to do and leave us to manage and focus on helping achieve the desired goals. We use a blend of in-house capability and pool of extremely experienced and talented associates when needed, to make this happen.”

DaniHar Technology’s client base ranges from big established industry brands to new clients in cross sector industries such as automotive, medical diagnostics, semiconductors, retail and consumer technology. The company’s expertise is particularly helpful to academic clients such as universities, where research is ongoing but need a company to further develop the research.

Andy explained: “Our cross-industry experience has on many occasions assisted companies by using cross fertilisation of ideas and technology which would not of otherwise been thought about.”

“Our services are scalable, and no project is too small, giving clients of all sizes and in all sectors the support they need to develop ideas into working solutions.”

For further information, contact DaniHar Technology on 01933 698045 or visit the website www.danihar.com

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