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Action needed to address tech demands

NEW data reveals that 33 per cent of UK businesses say they lack the technology infrastructure to manage long-term remote working during the COVID-19 crisis.

The poll, commissioned by Leonne International, the global private equity provider, questioned 200 senior business decision-makers from large and medium sized companies on the business impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the global outbreak, the measures that have been introduced to tackle COVID-19 mean that many organisations are having to consider how their employees can work remotely for the first time. With offices closing, millions of workers are now working from home for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, 41 per cent said they plan to increase their IT and tech investment to cope with the new remote working structure during isolation. This could be because 26 per cent say they lack the digital skills in-house in order to manage widespread and long-term remote working for staff.

Almost half, (47 per cent) agree that there should be more collaboration between the global business community to formulate a plan of action in order to tackle the disruption.

Worryingly, 28 per cent said they now were actively planning to make redundancies to survive the crisis, with 72 per cent against. Also, over half of large and medium sized businesses (55 per cent) expect a substantial revenue drop this year.

Jonathan Young, CIO, FDM Group, said: “This threat has already forced many companies to fully integrate flexible working technology into business continuity plans. Whilst the sudden shift to complete remote working will be a shock for many, it’s vital to recognise that many organisations can operate without a formal office space.

“It’s critical that businesses leaders take action to address these demands, bringing together digital talent from across the business to ensure every member of staff has access to online support and systems to continue operating as normal. Key to this effort is that senior management set the right example, using these online tools and platforms and ensuring that every member of staff follows suit and stays safe during this challenging time.”

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