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THERE’S never a good time to need an urgent repair, but in the current climate it is reassuring to know that the team at Stanair Industrial Doors is ready to respond to ensure customers get the level of service they need.

Stanair Industrial Doors provides a range of products and services that cover virtually any kind of industrial door or shutter, and this is backed up by regular servicing, maintenance and repair. The long-standing Stanair guarantee is that a door will be secured or repaired during the first engineering visit, or you don’t pay a penny – and that guarantee stands.

While disruption due to the coronavirus continues, the Kettering company will be maintaining its emergency repair call-out service so that customers can rest assured that their premises will remain secure.

A statement released by Stanair Industrial Doors said: “We continue to be in operation as the work we deliver is essential to the support of our critical national infrastructure. That support sees Stanair supplying critical services which include repair, maintenance services and emergency responses. This enables the transport of essential supplies including foods, medicines, pharmaceuticals, fuel and maintaining physical security of premises.

“These products and services are necessary for the safety and well-being of the nation.

Our engineers are therefore providing essential critical infrastructure support for core business activities.”

Founded in 1974 and with its head office in Kettering, Stanair offers a complete range of physical security products, including security shutters, collapsible gates, barring systems and access control systems.

Stanair operates in Kettering, Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Cambridge and Rugby and has built an enviable reputation for not only the quality of its products, service and maintenance work but also for its ethos of offering exceptional customer service and response times.

Martin Wall, Director of Stanair Industrial Doors, said: “Many businesses are continuing to operate as usual throughout the current situation and we want to reassure our customers that, as always, we will be there if they need us.”

For further details, contact Stanair Industrial Doors on 01536 482187 or visit the website www.stanair.co.uk

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