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Vital resource for parents

A NEWLY launched website, Family Life at Home, takes the stress out of home schooling by making it quick and easy for parents to find good, reliable resources and get help with educating and entertaining their children at home.

Family Life at Home has been created by the owners of Toddle About, a Northamptonshire magazine and directory that helps parents find things to do with their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The coronavirus outbreak has caused this well-loved magazine to be put on hold – and the founders have had to think on their feet; switching to promote virtual and online classes for Toddle About clients, and starting this brand-new initiative; Family Life at Home.

Tim and Ruth Freed, founders of the Toddle About franchise, are no strangers to home educating as all three of their children are schooled at home by Ruth, who is an ex-primary school teacher. For many parents, the idea of teaching their children at home is, quite frankly, terrifying! However, recent Government implementations due to COVID-19 have made this a reality for the vast majority.

Family Life at Home was realised, built and launched in record time (less than a week), by business partners Tim Freed and Alec Wadey. It provides the thousands of parents and carers across the UK with a useful and central, easy-to-search hub to help locate and access a vast array of online resources that will both educate and entertain children of all ages during this difficult time, and also hopefully beyond.

Parents can perform a free text search of all the listings within the Family Life at Home website and they can refine results by the age of their child, the subject they need help with, or the kind of resource they are looking for. The site also has an Online Classroom, giving parents a place to ask specific questions and get help with particular problems from teachers and others in the wider parenting community.

Family Life at Home is already proving to be very popular, with a directory that is growing on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis and an instant overnight following on Facebook and Twitter. The new online resource is constantly on the lookout for businesses that offer educational or entertainment resources online for children that would like to be added to the Family Life at Home website directory.

Tim Freed said: “Coronavirus has caused many businesses to have to reinvent themselves overnight, and Toddle About is no different. We have instantly given all of our clients that advertise with us the ability to list their virtual and online classes, and also built and launched a website which already provides lots of great online resources for parents and carers all in one location.

To find out more about Family Life at Home, see the resources available or add your business listing, please visitwww.familylifeathome.co.uk or call 01327 830171.

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