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An ideal solution on paper

AWARD-winning packaging specialist PALLITE® provides a viable alternative to wooden pallets and crates in the form of 100 per cent recyclable paper products.

The lightweight paper pallets, pallet boxes, layer pads and components are designed to reduce shipping costs, while at the same time boosting customers’ green credentials.

Stronger than standard cardboard pallets and boxes, the products carry heavy loads with ease due to their innovative honeycomb-cell design, and are used by businesses across all industries, including the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food sectors.

A new product, PALLITE® PIX, is a collapsible shelving unit for use in warehousing that’s designed to flex customers’ storage around their product by means of removable dividers.

All products have been fully performance-accredited by several third parties using recognised standards and certified testing bodies.

PALLITE®, based in Wellingborough, recently commissioned an evaluation by Giraffe Innovation, one of the UK’s top green businesses with extensive experience in the delivery of a wide range of sustainability-driven projects. The report showed that by changing from a wooden pallet to a PALLITE® pallet, carbon emissions are reduced, overall freight load weight is reduced, and the general life cycle of a PALLITE® pallet has less impact on the environment than a wooden pallet.

Matthew Marks, Quality Manager at PALLITE®, said: “We are problem solvers, that’s how we got to where we are today, and by coming up with innovative solutions, we help our customers save money and cut their carbon footprint.

“Working with Giraffe was insightful and gave us quantifiable data that means we’re much better positioned to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. It’s reassuring to know that our products are making a positive impact on how value chains and companies approach reducing their CO2 emissions.”

Benefits include:

* A saving of up to £61 per pallet when shipping air freight with typically 83 per cent reduction in weight compared to wooden pallets

* Pallets are capable of holding up to 750kg in open-beam racking, and can be engineered to hold much more.

* Improving efficiency throughout the supply chain by saving money, weight, space and time, as well reducing wastage.

To find out more visit the website at www.pallite.co.uk or call 01933 283920.

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