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When the light is right

WHEN you spend a lot of time at your desk or work station, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable. We hear a lot about ergonomic design and regular breaks – but what about the lighting?

Poor lighting is one of the most common causes of discomfort at work, but one that people often don’t realise is having such a detrimental effect.

When it comes to office design, safe and environmentally friendly lighting can sometimes be overlooked, with aesthetics and style taking precedence but lighting that is too dim or too harsh can cause eye-strain and headaches, lowering productivity and increasing fatigue and lack of focus.

Northampton firm KwikLite specialises in LED lighting that not only reduces clients’ carbon footprint and cuts electricity usage but also improves the working environment to the benefit of everyone working in it.

Energy Lighting and Business Manager Eli Ward explained: “Too often, in a workplace, people put up with glare and poor lighting, and that doesn’t have to be the case. What KwikLite has done is found a range of products that are high quality, cost-effective, and also tick all the boxes when it comes to health and safety.

“Of course the cost savings are important, and after we have done a thorough assessment we provide advice on the best lighting system for the circumstances, and a calculation of how long it will take to pay back the cost of the improvement work based on energy savings, but that’s not our only driving factor.

“We hope that our customers trust us to deliver cost and energy savings, but also to advise them on what we believe is the optimum lighting system for their premises and the one that will create the best environment for their people to work in. If the lighting isn’t right it’s not good for the people working under it and if it is making them ill or less productive, that’s not good for their employers.

“Every environment has an optimum lighting level and we offer a clear mathematical and engineered solution to make sure that level is reached and that the outcome is beneficial all round.”

To find out more, contact KwikLite on 01604 212805 or 07415 324053, email or visit the website www.kwiklite.co.uk

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