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Taking on a challenge to raise money

By Ola Sulaimon

Ronzl Accountants

IN the last few years, I have completed different activities and challenges to raise money for the food bank.

I only started running last year and I participated in a 10k run challenge to raise money for charity. It was a challenge!

However, in 2019, I started a new foundation to support primary school children’s education in Nigeria. With the help of my friends and family, we were able to donate a library with books.

I decided to take on a bigger challenge this year with the aim to raise money. I decided to take an aquathlon challenge which meant running a 5k and swimming 400m.

The main issue for me was swimming as I didn’t know how to swim. I started learning how to swim in August, so I was ready to take the challenge in November.

In less than 12 weeks, with the help of my fantastic swimming instructor and my swimming friends, plus loads of hours of practice, I was able to swim for the challenge.

On the day of the challenge, which took place in Burntwood, I did the swimming quite well however struggled a lot with the running because I was exhausted and cold after the swim.

The total amount of £600 was raised from this challenge. The money raised has been divided between two causes.

Taking the challenge was the hard part, however, delivering all the food that would be used by ten families of five was more fun.

These food items were delivered to the Emanuel branch of the Trussell Trust and this would be packed and given to the family that really needs them at Christmas.

However, this is half of the job done because the remaining £300 raised plus a contribution from my business was used to provide a computer room with four computers to St Columciles Primary school in Nigeria.

I am so pleased to have done this challenge which has meant a lot to myself and my friends. We have contributed firstly to a family struggling at this time but also given a child that has never had access to a computer the opportunity to learn how to use one.

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