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Preparing for applications

IN the UK, only 10 per cent of applicants to medical school and 20 per cent to Oxbridge are successful in gaining a place. The competition is tough, but this is to be expected when the most intelligent and academically able students are competing amongst themselves for these highly prestigious university courses.

Medical schools, along with the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, agree that academic excellence, a genuine interest in a chosen subject with an ability to undertake independent research, as well as the capability to think on your feet are key aspects in being a successful candidate.

There are a variety of skills and traits that a student is expected to exhibit alongside their academic potential. Students applying to the most competitive degrees and universities often need to take one or more admission tests in addition to A-level, IB or other Level 3 qualification. A student’s score in these tests is a key piece of information used to shortlist the candidates for an interview.

This year Bosworth have had nine candidates invited for an interview to study medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry at their chosen university, as well as six students securing an interview with the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford.

The interviews are designed to examine both academic and personal qualities, communication skills, subject knowledge and ability to deal with ethical dilemmas and data analysis. Interviewers assess each student’s capacity to deal with challenging situations, respond confidently, remain calm and to think on their feet.

Bosworth organises challenging and realistic mock interviews with external interviewers who are experts in the field. Its Oxbridge and Medic bootcamp provides students with background information about interviews, suggested reading, broader recommendations and suggestions as to some questions for which to prepare. The weekly workshops focus on interview technique and practice. Students learn not only how to answer the questions proficiently, but also how to make a good first impression, what to wear and what to expect on the day.

Abigail, a student at Bosworth College, said: “Bosworth really helped prepare me for my interviews and gave me a lot of confidence. The mock MMI we did cover a lot of key aspects that you would find in an interview so I could go in confidently. Alongside this, it helped me consider key aspects of the profession that I may not have otherwise seen.”

This has paid off – Bosworth students are better prepared than ever before.

Vienna, an A-level student said: “The Bosworth Oxbridge Prep Programme is extremely helpful. I have learned what questions I might be asked, how the interview might be structured, how to remain calm and present myself well during the interview.”

Medical schools, Oxford and Cambridge are looking for candidates who have dedication, initiative, persistence and the ability to communicate well. While the process may seem challenging, the end result will be a rewarding career in a highly competitive field. Learn how Bosworth Independent College can help to achieve the academic and personal goals at www.bosworthcollege.com or call 01604 235090.

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