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Providing vital support

A MULTITUDE of individuals across Kettering have secured jobs thanks to the Borough Council’s long and successful history of supporting skills development and training.

The council-run Kettering Training Services (KTS) is at the heart of this successful initiative which, through the apprenticeship training programme, has a minimum commitment at any one time for 12 to 15 apprentices across different service areas.

This commitment to recruit apprentices has supported skills gaps, new initiatives, workforce contingency planning and career progression and development opportunities.

The team at KTS, who run the registered apprenticeship provision from 5 Horsemarket, Kettering, have extensive knowledge and experience of working with employers in the local business community, young people and apprentices.

KTS Business Manager Dorothy Burrows, said: “The Apprenticeship Levy has been a daunting path to navigate for many employers and the dedicated KTS team pride themselves on their commitment to offering a comprehensive support service to all their customers. We use our extensive experience and expertise to support employers and learners from start to end, ensuring efficiency and reliability to deliver a professional and personalised service that has integrity at its core.”

The team, who have expertise in business administration, leadership and management, customer service, public services, health and social care and a range of business skills have worked hard to build long standing and valued relationships with employers in and around the borough.

Dorothy said: “Our employers acknowledge the many benefits of providing apprenticeship opportunities and the significant role KTS play in offering an honest, responsive and flexible service to support this.

“Our success is attributable to taking the time to understand your business and your values, to agree the right programme and, if required, help you to recruit the right person. Ensuring individuals and businesses are supported to unlock their full potential is at the heart of everything we do.”

A graduation ceremony is held twice a year to bring together employers, learners and staff to reflect on the hard work of those involved and to promote the many benefits of the apprenticeship programme and the incredible employers supporting this.

To find out more contact Kettering Training Services by calling 01536 535900 or see the website at www.ketteringtrainingservices.co.uk

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