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How to get true value from your logistics partner

SEAMLESS transitions enable a cost-effective supply chain; unnecessary freight movement, use of materials, time and human resources will all increase costs. Therefore, it is important to choose a logistics service partner to comprehensively manage your supply chain, one who provides true value-added services and will avoid wasted resources.

The DACHSER UK head office in Northampton is linked to a large network of branch and warehouse facilities, as well as intercontinental forwarding operations all within the family-owned DACHSER brand. Each branch in the network is ideally placed to provide a seamless supply chain service. Import and export by air, sea and road can easily be interlocked with the contract logistics operations from the DACHSER logistics centre based on Brackmills Industrial Estate in Northampton.

The scope of the contract logistics services are key to the provision of added value. It is when functions such as labelling, product assembly, special packaging (including multi-packs and associated packs), display assembly and in-store logistics as well as sampling and returns management, can be coordinated in one place, that real value is added.

These Value-Added Services (VAS) offer the opportunity to improve customers’ value in specific parts of the chain. The outsourcing of warehousing functions, including storage, inventory control and order fulfilment, gains valuable resources that can be used to expand a customer’s core business.

In addition, individual tailored VAS services and processes are available on request to fulfil specific customer requirements.

This type of process is harnessed to a supply chain offering that also includes the potential sourcing of materials and products from a variety of points worldwide, combining the management of supplies which enables the elimination of wasted resource.

From an ‘out-bound’ perspective, using the same logistics partner to coordinate the final distribution of goods to the end-user is a major asset. A recent survey of retailers, published in the Delivery Economy Report in July, stated that 74 per cent of respondents mentioned late delivery as significantly damaging to brand reputation. DACHSER believes that seamless value-added and warehousing services fuelled by an in-house integrated European and global distribution network is a winning combination.

For more information, contact Dachser on 01604 433100 or visit the website www.dachser.co.uk

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