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Firm legal foundation

By Miles Barnes

Corporate and Commercial Associate

Howes Percival LLP

THE decline of UK manufacturing has been predicted for years, although the supposed causes have evolved over time. From the inability to compete with cheaper overseas alternatives to the rise of automation making traditional manufacturing obsolete and, in the last few years, the dreaded Brexit.

However, despite such apocalyptic predictions, manufacturing continues to be a thriving and critical part of the nation’s economy. Northamptonshire is a shining example of this, with the highly skilled traditional craftsmanship of the shoe industry sitting side by side with world leading technology firms (as perhaps best exemplified in the Silverstone Technology Cluster).

As one of the longest serving law firm in Northamptonshire, we at Howes Percival have been working with Northamptonshire’s manufacturing community for over 200 years. Whether it’s drawing up the trading terms for your business, negotiating with customers on supply contracts or advising on the distribution arrangements for exporting your goods overseas, we know what the stress points are and how to overcome them.

Getting proper legal advice is particularly important for manufacturers looking to expand their sales overseas. The last thing you want is to have your goods stuck at a port in Singapore because you didn’t know you had to pay the import duties or to find yourself being sued in Stockholm because your customer’s terms say that any disputes are resolved in the Swedish courts.

For a firm foundation from which to develop a successful manufacturing and exporting business, there is no substitute for robust and relevant trading terms throughout your supply chain.

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