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A global network on your doorstep

BASED on the Brackmills Industrial Estate, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics (ASL) service provides the ideal connection to global markets for both importers and exporters in the area.

From pharmaceuticals coming in by air from the US, to shipping containers of auto parts going to the Far East, the experts at DACHSER ASL organise the movement of goods every step of the way.

Globally, Dachser has an extensive road, air and sea network of 399 sites; it transports over 80 million shipments per year, which amounts to over 40 million tonnes of cargo. The ASL service is part of this integrated network to transport goods all over the world by air and sea, then distribute goods to their final destinations via its warehouse and road delivery services.

ASL is continuously finding growth opportunities, which are supported by highly trained and experienced employees who know the markets and will find tailored solutions to meet specific business needs.

Whether exporting cargo to South Africa, Tunisia or Hong Kong, or importing from China, Mexico or India, the DACHSER ASL global network enables cargo owners to reach their customers, and control goods from suppliers anywhere in the world by managing the entire supply chain.

This is due to quality standardised services, supported by the frequency of shipments and transport capabilities of the air and sea carriers employed by ASL. There are strict criteria for selecting carriers to ensure a consistently high level of quality for all global destinations or origins.

Air freight shipments can be consolidated, direct or charter and ocean freight can be full load (FCL) of groupage (LCL). Express and courier services are also employed.

But it is through inter-weaving of the most efficient elements of transport modes, which Dachser achieves through its Road Logistics and ASL services that extra value is delivered. At Dachser this concept is branded ‘Interlocking’. It is a solution driven service to customers that integrates the best options to fit the demands of their supply chain, combining air, sea and road transport in the most optimised way.

Contact Dachser on 01604 433100 or visit the website www.dachser.co.uk

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