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Brexit basics: prepare your business

IF you’re an employer, exporter or if you buy goods and services from the EU there are things you need to know and things you may need to do. Even if you are not sure if Brexit will affect your business directly, all businesses should be prepared and in the know.

Government is ramping up information about Brexit to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to get ready. To help, we have listed some key topics, guidance and information:

1. Tune in to keep up to date

The situation is evolving, and so is the preparation information. Keep up to date with the latest business information on the government website: www.gov.uk/brexit

To see local Brexit Readiness events please check SEMLEP’s Growth Hub website events page or call our Gateway who can let you know of any upcoming events: www.semlepgrowthhub.com/events/

2. Create an action-plan

There are many aspects that you may need to be aware of, what to do with this information and knowing when to act on it can seem daunting.

Use the existing tools like the government checker tool to prepare. Speak to business support services, professional services and your business network. From these conversations make an action-plan of anything you may need to prepare or just be aware of.

3. Think outside your own business

Do you know if you get or share data in the European Union? Do any of your goods come from the EU? Have you got an EU national employee? If so, there may be things you need to think about that may not have been on your radar before.

For instance, you might share data with an EU-based company – to keep data flowing you may need to add a standard clause to contracts. It is an easy fix which the Information Commissioner’s Office can advise you on.

4. Ask for help

Speaking to business support providers, professional services, your network and attending Brexit preparation events will help ensure you have the information you need for your business.

No matter the situation, as a business support provider we always advise our clients to prepare. Whether that be by creating a business or marketing plan, forecasting or creating Call or email SEMLEP’s Growth Hub with any business support or Brexit questions you may have: 01604 212696 or

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