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CCTV – costing or saving you money?

ONE of our clients approached us about their CCTV system. They thought they needed a whole new system because it was painfully slow to retrieve their recordings or searching the right location and time frame to see the event in question.

Let’s say they had a report of some goods going missing, they wrote it off because it would take nearly a whole day just to access the recording, and go through them, frame by frame.

We understand the reason why they wrote off the goods (sometimes in excess of a few thousand pounds) but it essentially undermines what a CCTV system is supposed to do.

A good CCTV system should enable you to find the event in question within 20 minutes. You should be able to access it, real-time within one minute.

We went to our client’s sites to check the system they have in place. (We don’t like to disregard the existing technology as it may still be fit-for-purpose.)

They did need a new CCTV system because it was an analogue system, although we utilised some of their existing cameras.

We installed an IP CCTV system. When they want to access a recording, they log in, enter a date and time then, select the camera. The system identifies ‘events’ (any type of movement) and you can move through those, swiftly.

They can take it further and use the smart-search function by highlighting a specific area within the frame. So, if you know you put a case of drinks on the floor, you could highlight that area and the smart search will then identify any ‘events’ that take place in that area. It’s quite an intuitive piece of kit.

Another key thing was that this system came with an easy-to-use app, too. This is ideal for the Facilities Manager and Health and Safety Manager because they can view all sites, whenever they want, at a push of a button.

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