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Dealing with the stresses of life

THE pace of life is not going to slow down any time soon, and these breakneck times we live in are evidently creating havoc with our emotional and physical health. It may come as no surprise to many that the search term, ‘How to deal with stress’ has seen exponential growth with Google over the last few years.

The Mental Health Organisation reports statistics of 74 per cent of the UK’s population feeling so stressed at some point over the last month that they regularly had feelings of being ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘unable to cope’. Life is surely too precious a gift to live this way!

So what can we do to help ourselves to take back control and appropriately handle the stressors of modern living?

As wellness professionals, we can tell you that one of the quickest and effective ways of releasing the pressure cooker effect, is to make the health of your mind and body a priority.

You just have to take time out and slow down, regularly.

Yes, we know that having some downtime sounds counter intuitive when it seems like there are a million and one things to be getting on with, but the scientific fact is, taking time out works and it’s essential for long-term success when it comes to dealing with stress.

Research shows for example that maintaining a relaxed state for one hour will significantly lower your heart rate, reduce levels of cortisol (the destructive hormone made from stress), eases insomnia, aids digestive function, helps balance blood sugar levels and promotes mental clarity.

At Homefield Grange we have seen a sharp rise in clients seeking out our therapies that are results focused for stress release.

Suzanne Peck, Director of Homefield Grange, said: “Clients no longer see value in the merely pampering style spa treatments of years ago, they want both immediate and tangible benefits in how they look and feel.”

One of our most popular de-stressing therapies designed for both men and women is the Out Of This World therapy, an 80-minute treatment that uses massage techniques, vibrational sound therapy and specialist lighting to raise low mood and create a deep sense of relaxation. The therapy is carried out on a bed of quartz sand which has energetic properties to restore the body’s homeostatic balance.

Clients say the Out Of This World therapy restores their sense of calm, helps them connect with themselves, puts their cares and worries into perspective and assists a good nights’ sleep.

Treatments are carried out seven days a week between 10am and 6pm daily. For availability call 01536 712219 or email

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