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Displaying innovative flair

THE name Nene Packaging Ltd may not always be on the box, but the experienced team’s innovative ideas are on full display across the country’s leading supermarkets.

The screen, digital, flexo and litho printers and convertors of corrugated board work with clients across a wide range of sectors who are looking for anything from a simple box to a point of sale display for a supermarket chain.

One of the company’s latest clients is an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic punnet used by the organic fruit producers. The clients were so pleased with Nene Packaging’s end result they have insisted the company’s name is printed on the cartons.

The gesture means a lot to Managing Director Rob Lugmayer, who heads up the company with his wife Maria, the company’s Financial Director. It is 25 years since the company was set up and the couple have braved some tough challenges to make the most of opportunities.

Rob, who is always looking for different ways to use corrugated cardboard, said: “All companies face problems in different areas of the business whether it is chasing bad debts, slowdown in orders or even too much work. Nene is no different, but we look upon these as challenges and overcome these by being proactive with each scenario.”

The team’s commitment means the company has an extensive client base with its hands-on approach starting at the design stage through to delivery in the company’s own vehicles. In between there is sampling, printing, die-cutting and fulfilment through in-house based POS-PACK Ltd.

The challenge often starts with ways to create cardboard constructions that will showcase a company’s products from books and cards to socks and wall fixings. A latest contract is for an advent calendar that will store miniature bottles of gin.

Rob said: “We offer a complete design service and know we have to create displays that not only look good but will meet the technical requirements.”

The company has ISO9001/2018 accreditation and is a member of Sedex, which sets standards for suppliers and procurement. This hard-earned reputation and the team’s extensive network brings calls from across the United Kingdom.

“It feels good to get our name on the cartons but often we get new clients through word of mouth. Each will have a criteria and it is for us to come up with the solution that works on functionality and price,” said Rob, who is proud that many of the staff have worked for as long as him at the company.

The company’s ongoing investment in equipment means there are a choice of printing options from screen and digital and flexo’ with environmentally-friendlier products used including water-based inks and low-energy LED lights. All excess cardboard is recycled with full traceability on the card and corrugated cardboard used in the factory.

Rob said: “It is important to us and our clients that we make the effort to source the right products. There have been challenges but we like to find ways round them and we are proud of what we have been able to achieve.”

To find out more about the company on the Kingsfield Business Park at Kings Heath see the website at www.nenepackaging.co.uk or call 01604 586596.


New opportunities thanks to fresh ways of working

David Lugmayer, who is the company’s sales director, took on the challenge of speeding up the time-consuming gluing process.

An investment in a new glue machine has seen the speed of assembly finishing increase by 30 per cent and gave David the opportunity to finance and launch his new business, POS-PACK Ltd.

The new business now has the contract for Nene Packaging`s point of sale finishing but is taking other business from other clients including the time-consuming process of labelling and stuffing envelopes.

“The machine has really speeded up the process of gluing floor displays and cartons and means we can stay competitive and improve our turnaround times. We have the capacity for more work which we can undertake in-house to our standards,” said David.

Find out more details at www.Pos-Pack.co.uk

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