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Expanded services and a new website

By Peter Douglas

Business Finance Services

THE past 10 years have seen a very substantial change in the nature and number of commercial lenders available to SMEs. A significant part of our work at BFS is to get to know and to understand these new sources of finance. Only then can we be in a position to guide our client SMEs in identifying the most suitable source of finance to meet their needs. Whilst this may sound a bit pompous it is, in fact, a real reflection of our philosophy, which is to constantly improve on the services that we offer to our SME clients.

Constantly improving and developing one’s services is all very well, but there is little point if no one knows about it. We have recently become aware that our website was not reflecting our products, services or indeed our philosophy of providing help and advice. We are pleased to announce that, with the help of Ashish Kumar and the Web Alliance, we have now launched our updated website on www.bufinserv.co.uk which now accurately reflects all of these aspects of our business. We also we make use of both LinkedIn and Facebook. Our approach is to use social media, particularly, to provide help and advice to the business community, rather than to just enter into a hard sell of our services.

As a commercial finance brokerage we have, over the 18 years of our existence, developed a deep knowledge and understanding of SMEs and their needs.

All of our team have themselves been at some time managers and/or owners of small and start-up businesses, so have a thorough understanding of what is involved in running one. For this reason we have grown our services beyond the original objective of advising on the best sources of finance. We now work with our clients on planning their businesses and producing the necessary business plans to justify the funding and then after the finance is in place we provide a mentoring service to ensure that the funds are used in the most efficient way. Indeed, we pride ourselves on being able to take on the tough projects that others can’t handle.

So, in simple terms, if you need help with your business planning and/or funding needs check out our website or call us at Business Finance Services on 0800 093 5240 or email us at and we will be happy to help.

Oh yes – I nearly forgot – Season’s Greeting To Everyone

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