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Fantastic GCSE results

AS we become more familiar with the new letter grading system it is really pleasing to see that we continue to improve our GCSE results at the top end of the scale. Our Grades 8 and 9 (formerly A*) are now at the highest level for the last 5 years at over 34%; 38 of our 93 Year 11 pupils gained a Grade 9 in at least 1 subject and 56 pupils, 60%, gained at least one Grade 8 or above, i.e. the old A*.

There were many individual successes with ten pupils gaining six or more Grade 9s.

The top grades were spread across the range of subjects but special mention should go to the Sciences since over 20% of all the separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics results were at Grade 9.

As always, there were many pupils deserving of special mention, and this will be recognised in School in a dedicated event. These include pupils who find academic work more challenging but who have strived with the support of their teachers and families and gained results of which they should be justly proud.

Headmaster Andrew Holman congratulated the pupils on how well they had performed, saying, “The nerves in the Hall this morning soon dissipated as pupil after pupil opened their results to find a set of grades with which they could be delighted. Our pupils worked extremely hard for their success, whilst also maintaining a busy and important co-curricular programme, and I would like to thank all of our staff for the expertise and dedication that has enabled these young people to achieve so much.

Thoughts quickly turn to A Levels. What are now Lower Sixth students have been well prepared for the rigours of what lies ahead, and they will be joined by newcomers who will be equally keen to set the tone by demonstrating commitment and passion for their chosen subjects. If things progress according to plan, this cohort will be enjoying their Upper Sixth Study Leave in our new Sixth Form Centre; I look forward to watching that project progress as our students develop through the Sixth Form, leading the way for our younger pupils but also looking ahead to what they hope to achieve once they leave School.”

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