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Finding the right tool for the job

THE ‘high pressure’ nature of major service and maintenance departments can often mean that engineers are having to react quickly in order to repair and maintain intricate parts within a short timescale.

It is at times like these that it is crucial the right tool for the job is readily available, which is where the tool control situations developed by Hayway Tool and Hardware Company have made all the difference.

The Kettering-based company, headed up by Roger Diamond and Ian Lane, have developed solutions that helps some of the largest manufacturing organisations in the world to ensure their tools are controlled and fully audited.

Roger said: “Our approach to tool control has always been flexible, from consultancy to complete design and supply

“When the pressure is on, engineers need to be able to react quickly and feel confident all the tools required will be readily available to get the job done. It can be even more challenging when repairs need to take place off-site.

“We work within these environments to understand the custom nature of our clients’ requirements, and to deliver kitting solutions that ensure engineers have the correct tools for the job in hand. The availability of tools, and more importantly the correct housing of these tools, is of paramount importance – with focus given to ease of inspection, and identification of tools not returned.

“We provide tool control solutions for fixed and mobile tooling kits, whilst also delivering solutions around controlling the access, removal and return of kits – with an emphasis around auditing and reporting.”

To find out more contact the company at 12 Cunliffe Drive Industrial Estate. The company’s independence means it can stock and recommend an extensive range of leading brands including Karcher, Stanley, DeWalt and Irwin Tools.

The trade counter is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. Call 01536 481114 or see the website at www.haywaytools.com

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