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Investment in vital equipment

HOME Instead East Northants are excited to have bought a new piece of equipment to enable them to support their clients if they fall in their own home. The Raizer Chair II which is a battery-operated mobile lifting chair is portable, so office staff or caregivers can go out and help get their clients up off the floor.

All office staff and caregivers will be trained to do the head-to-toe assessments to check for any injuries, breaks or dislocations. This training is being carried out by a local paramedic who works for the East Midlands Ambulance services and Home Instead are following their primary checks assessment.

If there is no injury to be seen and the client is fine this will mean that instead of our carers ringing 999 for an ambulance to pick the clients up, they can now go out and pick them up safely.

This will mean that instead of clients having to wait on the floor as a non-urgent case for hours for an ambulance, they can be back in their chair or bed within an hour rather than several hours.

It will also mean they have saved an ambulance call out, enabling paramedics to go to a lifesaving call instead. Also, if a client has been on the floor for some hours it often means they are admitted to hospital, so the chair will be a wonderful preventative piece of equipment for clients.

Home Instead has been providing at-home care for individuals in East Northants and the surrounding area for eight years. For more information call 01933 678775 or visit www.homeinstead.co.uk/eastnorthants

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