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Keep calm and stay safe

By Lynette Randall

Alpha Contracts Leasing Ltd

ROSS Williams is currently away from the business at present, like may people up and down the country. I thought his corner of the office had been a little quiet recently!

Alpha Contracts continues to operate with a skeleton staff assisting customers through these difficult and strange weeks. Last month, Ross suggested that extending contracts would be one way of coping with the impending but at that point unknown measures to be taken.

Now, all leasing companies, like most of the financial lenders in the UK, have strategies in place to help customers cope with the situation. These can include payment holidays, extending contracts at a discount, taking vehicles off contract as well as other measures, although there are very few if any collections of vehicles taking place understandably.

If you have a vehicle with us and need to speak to your leasing company then please drop us an email with your details and we will provide you with the contact details. Please be aware they are all under strain, just like the rest of us, and a response can take a few days.

Otherwise, speak to your lender for assistance, they all have a programme to assist during this crisis.

When this is all over and business life starts to get back to normal we can expect some eye-watering special offers as all the manufacturers and leasing companies have vehicles building up that will need new homes.

Email for help and advice.

In the meantime, please stay safe, and if not working then stay at home, follow the Government advice and guidelines and as Ross would say…

Safe motoring (or in Ross’ case safe gardening!)

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