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BUYING or selling a property is a major step, and ensuring you make the right choices isn’t always easy in a fast-paced world. Technology has transformed the way properties are bought and sold, something Chelton Brown has embraced to ensure its clients stay ahead of the game.

The lettings and sales agency has introduced Market Updates that give an up-to-the-minute snapshot of an area, from a specific postcode to a whole village or suburb, including average house prices, how many houses have been sold recently and details of percentage increases in property prices.

Those seeking information on a specific area can request a Market Update from Chelton Brown, which has offices in Northampton and Daventry, and the team will compile a bespoke, informative video using its own housing market data.

Once complete, the video will be available to the client, and also uploaded onto Chelton Brown’s YouTube.

Edward Chelton Brown said: “We came up with the idea as a new and informative way of getting information out there on a very specific, local level. It’s also unbiased and honest, giving a true picture and not trying to ‘sell’ an area.

“People looking to sell their house, or buy in a specific area, don’t necessarily just want to see what properties are available, they want to know whether house prices in that area are healthy, what sort of prices properties are achieving and how that compares to prices and performance in comparative areas nearby.

“If they request it, we’ll put a Market Update together and make that available not only to them, but on social media, so that buyers and sellers have a helpful, up-to-date guide to the property market they are interested in.”

The short videos give a brief overview of an area and its benefits, along with the facts and figures relating to its property market.

Via social media, Chelton Brown shares its Market Updates on platforms such as local Facebook groups, where they provide an indication of how the market is doing. While they are undoubtedly of help to those looking to buy or sell, they are also a helpful guide to property owners who are simply interested in how house prices are changing and what is selling well in their area.

“Inviting us to provide a Market Update video is completely free of charge, as is the a follow-up valuation service should it be required, ” said Edward. “As sales and letting agents, we have a vast amount of knowledge about the area in which we operate, from understanding and experience of the market, to hard facts and data about prices and turnover of properties.

“We’ve always taken the view that sharing our information costs us nothing and provides a helpful service to the wider community. So, through social media, not only are we putting our Market Updates out there, we’re also using that to get involved in local forums where we can, for instance, recommend local tradespeople that we know and work with, or offer advice and guidance to new or prospective residents.”

Examples of the Market Updates can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtFE3bj02SU

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