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Leading the battery charge

ON-BOARD, standalone, 50hz, HF, lead acid, AGM, Gel, Lithium; Curtis UK’s charger range covers them all and has done so for more than 25 years.

Huge stock levels, lowest lead times, next-day delivery, nationwide service agent coverage, great service from Northampton and all for very competitive pricing.

Curtis Instruments is a global industry leader in the development and manufacture of integrated solutions for EV/Hybrid applications and offer unrivalled levels of customer support for leading edge vehicle and equipment design. Curtis systems are fast, powerful and feature-rich, enabling customers to develop products quicker than ever.

So if you don’t immediately recognise Curtis as a battery charger supplier, here’s why you should.

The range is wide and covers all battery types, offering standard 50 Hz models (some still working in the field 13 years after despatch), high frequency in both standard and multi-voltage options.

Everything is available from stock, out of a large, centrally located Northampton warehouse. Next-day delivery (collect if you prefer) and the shortest lead times in the UK mean Curtis is there whenever needed.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the chargers would be expensive considering the tiptop range and services offered, but they’re not! Pricing is competitive with all major suppliers. Chargers range from a small entry-level charger at a little over £100, with an average 48V lead acid 50 Hz unit shipping for just over £300. Even the latest multi-voltage high frequency TEMPO, complete with special low volt start and impressive desulphation mode, ships for far less than other HF models with lower specifications. Different voltages and a wide AH range means you can stock one model to suit a variety of batteries, rather than several.

If you are ordering chargers to ship straight to site, Curtis can fit REMA battery connectors prior to despatch. These are hand-soldered to chargers, not crimped, and all chargers can be branded in custom colours/livery without charge – again, superior supply and quality at regular prices.

Curtis chargers come with full warranty protection for three to five years depending on the model. As mentioned earlier, Curtis has chargers still running in the field that are between 10 and 15 years old, so it’s unlikely you’ll need help with them, but if you do it will be covered. If you need assistance with a charger, the team of independent field based service agents can be on site within 48 hours to help. This service is a unique feature of an excellent UK-wide network of support services.

Curtis’s expertise, spans more than 50 years in all types of electric powertrain applications and is what gives the firm knowledge on how power is used, creating a wide choice of gauges and monitoring solutions. The company is firmly established as the quality brand of choice for all manner of applications in the UK market including large industrial (fork trucks, aerial lift, airport equipment) right through to small on-board/personal mobility vehicles (scooters, buggies, sweeper scrubbers). As a result, Curtis is seen as the UK’s largest independent charger supplier and a ‘name to trust’, offering an unrivalled combination of quality, experience and value-for-money.

Curtis also offers low cost safety lighting to keep a workplace safe? When pedestrians and forklifts operate together in confined space, there are considerable risks involved and if an accident occurs, the damage can be immense. Curtis’s LED spotlights provide a visual warning for pedestrians working alongside materials handling equipment by projecting bright coloured beams onto the ground, either in front or to the rear of an approaching vehicle, providing an advanced visual warning to pedestrians working nearby. These safety lamps are especially useful where blind corners are present in what is often a noisy and busy environment. Lamps are all available from stock for £10 to £35 each.

All these factors, alongside rapid stock response in the UK, mean that if you’re not already, you should be buying from Curtis.

For further details contact Curtis UK at 01604 885201, email or visit www.curtisinst.co.uk

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