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Net zero – is it just a dream?

By Ross Williams

Alpha Contracts Leasing Ltd

NET Zero is the ambition to reduce the harmful emissions we produce to a level that balances out with emissions taken out of the atmosphere. One analogy is it’s like a bath with the taps running but with the water draining away at the same rate. The UK Government hopes to achieve this by 2050, or 2030 under a potential Labour Government.

But how will this be achieved? There are various tools available to Government and as car users we are familiar with many of them. From 2040, no conventional engine cars will be sold in the UK, but don’t panic, that is still probably six, seven or even eight car changes away for the majority of customers, but that day will arrive. In the meantime, the market is being flooded with hybrid car choices to help move toward a cleaner environment.

Consider this scenario – on the way home in your electric car you recognise you need to recharge the battery, and you rely on public charge points as you have no charging infrastructure at home, perhaps because you have on street parking or you live in a multiple dwelling building. There are a couple of nearby on-street charge points in street lamps but those parking spots are occupied by other vehicles. So you have to go to a rapid charge station located locally. Then, having plugged in and paid, you walk home for your supper, only to have to go out again later in the evening to bring your now fully charged car home.

This column has previously bemoaned the pace of charge point installation, whilst at the same time appreciating the huge challenge faced by the providers of the facilities. The situation has, no doubt, been hampered by the Government’s lack of focus during the last three years as apparently their minds have been on something called Brexit, whatever that is. But the tale described above may be not too far from the reality that could be faced if the situation isn’t addressed quickly.

It does appear that the electricity we will be using to charge our new cars is becoming greener which is good news. The amount of power generated by coal is now down from over 33 per cent to just five per cent in the last six years; and renewable sources are now producing about 33 per cent of power consumed. Rome wasn’t built in a day as we know and progress is being made in the right direction. Let’s hope the pace picks up!

One of my clients has a new job and his commute has doubled to 25,000 miles pa. He wanted to swap to a hybrid petrol car, but of course the best option for him is still a diesel car when all the costs are taken into account. Diesel still has its place in the market, so don’t discount it totally.

If you are attempting to do your bit toward a Net Zero world then get in touch with the team at Alpha Contracts Leasing Limited and we will try to help you achieve your goal. Of course by the time you read this we may well have left the EU… or not! Which will mean a completely different conversation.

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