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COMPANIES the length and breadth of the UK sit on the brink of a digital revolution, but outdated infrastructure is holding them back more than they realise.

In every sector, organisations are in urgent need of digital connectivity that is truly fit for purpose. We’ve all felt that familiar frustration when the broadband connection grinds to a halt; the head-in-your-hands exasperation when the download estimate for a large file is minutes – even hours – instead of seconds. We’ve all known the irritation when Skype cuts out during a call or when you need to save your files/presentations/photos to a USB stick because you don’t trust the internet connection.

ACS wants to help businesses access the best possible services, which is it offers gigabit speed connections over CityFibre’s independent network. This is a true digital holy grail – superior, high capacity, full-fibre infrastructure with speeds a magnitude above what else is on offer.

The 45km Gigabit City network makes Northampton one of the best connected towns on the planet, dramatically accelerating the digital capabilities of businesses, local government, schools, hospitals and mobile operators. With Gigabit City status, Northampton is already future-proofed as the thirst for greater bandwidth continues to grow exponentially over the coming decades.

Full-fibre is up to 100 times faster than the UK’s average business connections, meaning companies using this service can make the most of their digital capabilities. And as your staff base grows or your technology evolves, you won’t have to worry about strains on your bandwidth. Whether your workers are in the office, in the field or working remotely, they will be able to simultaneously access your ultrafast network at peak times without a drop in speeds.

If you rely on an internet connection which is barely fast or resilient enough to ‘get by’, then your business is going to struggle to keep up with competitors and be endlessly constrained by the burden of sluggish connectivity. Full-fibre has an immediate impact on a business’s productivity, efficiency and bottom line while unlocking new opportunities and future proofing businesses for tomorrow. It is a truly limitless service, designed to give businesses the flexibility to reach their full potential.

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