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SOMETIMES the benefits of a business’s goods and services are obvious – at other times, it’s not so clear. For those companies that come into their own when there is an immediate need, it makes sense to have established a strong profile within the business community so that potential clients know where to turn.

Networking with The Business Club Northants has proved vital for care provider Home Instead East Northants in spreading the word about its services.

Networking Manager Lucy Darnell is a regular at meetings and often finds herself offering words of advice and guidance to fellow guests who may be finding it hard to decide what to do about a relative in need of support.

“Our business is not one that is an everyday need, and we use networking as a slow burn, just making people aware of what we do and the services we offer, so that when they need support for a family member or friend, they think of us,” said Lucy.

Home Instead offers care and companionship to elderly or disabled people, ranging from full time care to an hour or so a week, allowing them to remain living independently in their own homes for longer.

Care can include personal care, such as help with showering and dressing, or maybe light housekeeping work, transport to shops or appointments, or simply someone to prepare a meal and keep a client company for a couple of hours.

Lucy believes that the atmosphere at The Business Club Northants lends itself to people turning to the Home Instead team for help and advice.

“We understand that we’re unlikely to pick up a new client directly from a meeting, but each 60-second talk I do goes some way to explaining what we do and how we provide an alternative to someone going into full-time care,” said Lucy.

“Because the meetings are generally quite relaxed, and a lot of people stay on for a drink or a coffee afterwards, I find that a lot of people come to me just to talk about issues they have with an elderly relative and what they can do. It’s something few people are prepared for when they’re forced to face up to a family member’s declining health and if I can reassure them and give them the benefit of my knowledge, then I’m happy to do so.

“If they feel it’s appropriate, we can talk about what we can do for them, but most of the time it’s something they can go away and think about and discuss with their families.

“Home Instead East Northants joined the Business Club almost as soon as it started in 2010 and we have always found massive benefits to going along to regular meetings and being a part of the business community.”

Contact Home Instead East Northants on 01933 678775 for more information.

For more information about The Business Club Northants and Business Club Bucks, contact CEO Mike Willis on 01604 529173, email or visit www.thebusinessclubnorthants.co.uk

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