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A natural progression

A GRAPHIC design business that specialises in evolving brands has undergone its own evolution and rebrand.

Established in 2008, Lovely Designs of Northampton is run by Marie-Louise O’Neill, who found that clients were increasingly asking her to modernise their logos rather than create new ones.

This trend led to Marie-Louise offering a brand evolution service, which has proved so popular she has decided to become a specialist in this area, evolving her own logo and brand as a result, and even changing the business name to Lovely Evolution.

Marie-Louise said: “For the last year or so, I have been working on logo design jobs which were either small improvements or a redesign that was a nod the previous logo. This soon became ‘my niche’ when I had previously resisted the temptation to focus on one specific area of graphic design. It also got me thinking that this could be a business opportunity for me – I could reach out to more established businesses and help them to refresh their branding and build longer-term relationships.

“I enjoy the challenge of getting to know their businesses and their stories – where they came from, how they’ve evolved and where they are going – and getting this across in their logo and marketing materials, thinking carefully about what elements to keep and what to leave behind.”

Marie-Louise wrestled with the idea of a name change and whether to drop the word ‘Lovely’ altogether but decided to keep it and ‘practice what she preaches’.

“I worried that using the word ‘lovely’ was too ‘nice’ and ‘soft’ and may only attract female clients, but felt it is a part of my established business identity and wanted to continue to offer lovely designs,” said Marie-Louise. “The biggest thing was that I was not communicating the brand evolution service in my logo, website or social media. I was ready to embrace this niche and knew I had to address my own branding and marketing. This name change encapsulates all of that and is a case of practicing what I preach by evolving my own business.”

For more information about Lovely Evolution, visit www.lovelyevolution.co.uk or call 07736 234059.

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