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Investment in a can-do attitude

DEMONSTRATING the benefits of ongoing investment in technology and workspace, Henderson Fabrications is responding to an ever-increasing order book with further investment in people and marketing.

Over the past year, the Moulton Park sheet metal firm has upgraded its manufacturing plant with a fourth CNC punching machine and a new laser cutter. This followed completion of a major extension to the Kings Park Road manufacturing plant the year before, which allowed additional space for not only equipment but also the storage of raw materials and goods awaiting shipment to customers.

The punching machines can handle sheet metal up to 3000mm by 1500mm and up to 6mm thick on mild steel, aluminium and copper with accuracy within 0.02mm so are most effective on parts with many holes, including countersunk holes, threaded and embossed holes. Together with the laser cutter, they increase the firm’s capacity to provide design, punching, folding, welding and laser cutting services for a range of sheet metals.

The new laser cutter can cut up to 12mm mild steel, 4mm thick aluminium and 8mm thick stainless steel.

Recently, the company has also upgraded its website – www.hendfab.com – to improve the experience of customers looking to find out more about what Henderson Fabrications can offer – a concept to completion service, designing and creating prototypes where required, and seeing them through to production, with volumes range from a one-off product to a large run.

The company is also looking to take on another apprentice, an investment in the future skills base at the growing company, while an upgraded Manufacturing Requirement Planning (MRP) system has increased administration efficiency

Managing Director Steve O’Looney, said: “Growth and investment only works if you can deliver on the orders that come on the back of it, and so we have worked hard to make sure we have the administration processes, the personnel and the right attitude to keep moving forward.”

For further details, contact Henderson Fabrications, Kings Park Road, Moulton Park Industrial Estate, on 01604 499200, email or visit the website www.hendfab.com

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