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Systems in a class of their own

GONE are the days when the school hall was for assemblies and the annual choir concert. Today, schools make full use of their facilities to generate additional income, and require a functional, modern space in which to do so.

Which is part of the reason why this summer will see another exceptionally busy few weeks for Northampton firm Saxon Blinds, as its customers in the education sector queue up to get projects under way as soon as term finishes, ready for the new academic year.

Managing Director of Saxon Blinds, Mark Grainger, said: “Summer is always our busiest period in schools because the ideal time to have work done is obviously when the children are off on their long break.

“We have clients all over the country and our teams are dedicated to getting in and making sure the job is done and the premises ready for the new term starting in September.”

Saxon Blinds’ education sector customers are mainly focusing on two areas at the moment. Firstly, implementing secure lockdown procedures where an easy-to-operate roller blind can be deployed to block the view of any intruders and stop children seeing anything that might be upsetting to them. Secondly, they want flexibility in turning large spaces like assembly halls into general purpose spaces.

Mark Grainger explained: “Where a school is hiring out its hall, all kinds of activities could be going on in there, from sports clubs to viewing films or presentations on screens. The hall needs window coverings that are effective, but that are also fairly robust and hardwearing.

“Our roller blinds are perfect for that, shutting out the light where necessary but sturdy and compliant with current safety regulations, so no dangling cords or anything like that.

“In addition, whereas the traditional school hall curtains would pretty much cover everything in their path, blinds can be closely fitted to each window, which means full and clear access to fire doors and emergency exits.

“We’re also doing a lot of work with schools that are sensibly planning their procedures in the event of an attack or security breach. Fortunately, those incidents are still rare in this country, but schools are wise to take action.”

Because of the way they are manufactured – at the firm’s factory in Magee Street in Northampton – Saxon Blinds’ roller blinds are available in extended widths, anything up to four metres wide, so suitable for most classroom and school building uses.

Saxon Blinds produces a complete range, offering choice, flexibility and competitive pricing, as well as a five-year guarantee on all commercial blinds. All Saxon Blinds staff are DSB checked and part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

For more details contact Saxon Blinds on 01604 601888, email or visit the website www.saxonblinds.co.uk

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