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Who we are and what we do!

WE do worry that you don`t know us or where we are. So this is to flag us up as lawyers and mediators that are local, easy to find and very approachable.

In truth, we are an agency for the best legal advice, being well resourced and closely connected to legal London and the other major cities in the UK through experience and old and new contacts. We have one office and it is based in Brixworth, within sight of the church spire. We have free car parking and coffee and the occasional chocolate biscuit for visitors.

We have been in the county since 1990 in one shape or form. In case you don’t recognise our new branding name, Cox Minhas, we changed from Christopher Cox Solicitors to recognise the part played in our success by Saranjit Minhas, an experience property lawyer and the major contribution she makes to clients and the direction the firm should take.

We differ from other law firms in that we are a dually qualified. We are a law firm with CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) accreditations in mediation and negotiation. Being both solicitors and mediators means we have to undergo dual professional education each year and this goes back to 1998.

We insist on reduced stress and increased happiness in the office and these are the aims we have in mind when we deliver our service.

Construction law is a specialist area we offer. We have practical and academic qualifications and 20 years’ experience of it to support our commercial legal advice. The construction sector is full of challenges and unfortunately the usual ‘rip off artists’ who promise the best kitchen or extension and then exploit the most vulnerable. Please don`t fall victim.

We regularly advise on the pros and cons of the legal tools available to protect and create rights. So when needed, your contract, or your terms, will give you the best protection.

In commercial negotiations and dispute resolution work, you cannot use the same approach every time and our experience will provide you with a whole range of options.

For senior private clients and commercial directors, it is essential to have a power of attorney to act for you if some reason you might find yourself out of action.

In property transactions we have a good offering thanks to the work done by Saranjit Minhas and Amelia Goddard who specialise in both conveyancing and property dispute aspects. We are grateful to the support received from other solicitors and local agents in this sector.

In general disputes which require legal action, the lack of any form of legal aid for middle class England is a problem. We see power imbalance in disputes as the single greatest injustice which is very frustrating for us and impossible for you. Our advice towards correcting this is for clients to take out good insurance to cover disputes and their legal costs so at least they can afford to stand their corner.

We also want to mention to you our work as mediators. We have acted as commercial mediators in over 100 cases. In many more case we commonly resolve the case in the pre action protocol stage and so avoid court hearings. The mediation cases have range from dividing up business to creating a forum for dialogue for settlement. Mediation is not an answer to power imbalance, but it does provide a degree of control and risk reduction which can rarely be achieved in court.

To help us achieve our aims, we are currently looking for good five-year experienced lawyers who embrace change to join us and help develop our flourishing practice so if you know of anyone then please encourage them to make contact.

So this is a short introduction to raise our profile. It is not possible to say a lot more about us in this short article. In summary, we are here to help in all matters legal and if you would like to get to know whether we can help then please feel free to call without any obligation.

For more information, contact Cox Minhas & Co on 01604 973975.

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