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AS more and more people understand the benefits that heat pumps can bring in heating their homes or commercial premises, Burton Latimer-based Griffiths are working hard as the county’s premier installer of this energy saving microgeneration technology.

Heat pumps extract heat from the air or ground, and very efficiently use it to warm the water flowing through radiators or underfloor heating. They are powered by electricity but one kilowatt of electrical power will produce around four kilowatts of useable heat, so four times more energy efficient than an electric fan heater.

Griffiths were the first Northamptonshire approved installers of heat pumps under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) back in 2008 and have carried out hundreds of heat pump jobs since then. Most installations qualify for the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a cash back scheme for providing heat from a renewable source, amounting to several thousand pounds in most cases.

Working with two of the biggest names in heat pump technology, Daikin with regards to air source heat pumps and Kensa for the ground source projects, Griffiths have built up a wealth of experience in application, installation and servicing. Griffiths are Daikin D1+ Premier Partner Approved Installers of air source heat pumps and part of Kensa’s Underground Network of Approved Installers for ground source heat pumps.

Daikin Altherma air source heat pumps are available in three versions, LT (low temperature) that provide hot water up to 65°C and HT (high temperature) with a maximum of 80°C. The high temperature systems are ideal for larger or hard to heat properties such as listed buildings. Also available is the Altherma Hybrid air source heat pump, a combined heat pump and combi gas boiler which is aimed at the gas boiler replacement market but is equally suitable for new builds that have natural gas or LPG available. It could provide a 35 per cent saving on current gas costs and it qualifies for RHI payments.

As well as installing the heat pumps, Griffiths’ own engineers can also carry out all associated plumbing and electrical works, and their Service Team provide the essential annual maintenance, ensuring the heat pumps are running as efficiently as possible.

Contact Griffiths by telephone on 01536 420666, by email at or by visiting the Energy Efficiency Centre showroom at 111 High Street in Burton Latimer between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday where you can see working examples of the heat pump products.

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