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Connected and protected: Our systems guarantee your business security

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ASK YOURSELF. Do you sell products? Do you have a lot of valuable stock? Do you have employees on-site? Then you need a security system.

Here at BTT, we have significant experience working in many industries. This allows us to use the best-quality systems, combined with our knowledge and experience, to tailor security systems to fit your business needs.

Access Control

Access control systems make life easier for your employees, save your business money and keep your workplace and assets secure.

There are many reasons to get access control but the most important is that it protects your business and your staff. We provide many different types of access control including pin code systems, access pass/fob systems, video/audio intercom systems, and biometric access control.


We have partnered with some of the best suppliers of CCTV surveillance systems and cameras. We design, supply and install your CCTV system and cameras and our engineers will train your staff on how to use the new security system and ensure it is set up the way you require.

  • Reasons you need CCTV:
  • Evidence in court;
  • Crime deterrent;
  • Prevents grazing;
  • Improves health and safety;
  • Training purposes.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

When purchasing or using a fire alarm system, you should ensure the design of the system meets all relevant requirements so you can enforce the proper authorities and insurers.

If you are uncertain of what you need, refer to one or more of the following: guidance documents that support fire safety legislation; any authority responsible for enforcing fire safety legislation that applies to the premises; the property insurer; any relevant fire risk assessment.

Look at how effectively the alarm alerts people to danger and protects their safety. We can help you to install an effective fire alarm system that will properly protect your business.

Intruder Alarms

Why should you get an intruder alarm?

  • It acts as a deterrent for thieves;
  • It makes the working environment safer;
  • It gives you peace of mind;
  • It helps monitor environmental threats;
  • It could reduce your insurance premiums.

We can help you to decide which alarm system your company requires. The choice depends on your business size, how much stock you keep on site, how many staff are on site and what requirements your system must meet.

Security Barriers

When it comes to security, barriers are normally your first line of defence. You want it to be hard to gain access to your sight for anyone who is not a staff member. BTT has been installing commercial security barriers for almost ten years.

There are different types of barriers:

Drop arm barriers Normally found at entrances. Can be automated for all approaching vehicles or it can stay down until identity is confirmed.

Turnstiles Controls employee and visitor access. Can be half-height or full-height.

Bollards Useful for traffic management, pedestrian safety and preventing damage.

Palisade fencing Protect the boundaries of your site. It is easy to maintain and extremely durable.


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