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Guidance, teaching, leadership

By Floyd Graham

FG Solicitors

TWELVE years ago, when FG Solicitors was launched, there was one aim, to be the best provider of legal services in our discipline. This still is, and will always remain our goal, and our pursuit of it is relentless. We understand that having a great vision without great people is meaningless.

The challenge for all founders of a business is to build a team that share your vision and values with a desire and hunger to make things better. Having the right qualifications is but one aspect in the overall process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for the job.

At FG Solicitors we seek to attract the right candidates by focusing on the reason that that applicants want to pursue a career in the field of law. The reasons are endless and include everything from the perception of prestige and security, to a strong sense of achieving justice and the best possible outcomes for clients.

While these are all very noble reasons for wanting to enter the profession, it does not take a new entrant very long before the realisation hits that they are only as effective as the team behind them allows them to be. At FG Solicitors each team member is as important as the other and we succeed because we all recognise that the sum of the parts is greater than any one component.

In the arena of team dynamics we never cease to be impressed by the pit crew of Formula 1 racing teams, where fractions of a second make the difference between victory and defeat. Where the boundaries are continually extended through practice, dedication and team work.

Over the years we have produced great lawyers and great support members and there is always a vacancy for the right team member as we use our best endeavours to create a secure and bright future for all FG Solicitors team members.

As a team member of FG Solicitors you can expect the support of colleagues from day one, training that is exemplary and empowering, and an acceptance that you will bring skills and personal attributes to the table that enhance our position.

As a candidate you will already have a desire to be the absolute best that you can be. You will take your work seriously but not take yourself too seriously. You will have a career goal not a job goal. You will have a can do attitude and a focus on seeing things through to the end. If you tick these boxes, we would love to hear from you.

FG Solicitors competitive advantage through our people!

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