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A vital part of the team

HAVING someone to guide you through the issues and pitfalls of running a small business is invaluable, particularly when it’s clear they have gone through the same issues and pitfalls in their own business.

Harris & Co Chartered Accountants have, from the very beginning, focused not just on profit and loss, balance sheet and tax, but on seeing the business as an entity, stepping in more as a business partner and adviser than just an accountant.

The practice was founded by Phil Harris in 1990, just before the deep recession hit hard. He weathered the storm and the practice came out the other end stronger, and what he learned during those years has formed his firm’s ethos ever since.

“I founded and ran a small business, just like most of my clients,” said Phil. “Because of that, and because I’m personally involved to some extent in all aspects of the day-to-day running of the business, I have the same things to think about as my clients and so I understand what is important to them.

“I employ staff, I have offices, I have bills to pay, so I know how much goes in to running a business and I know what I can do to support clients in taking as much of the stress and strain off them as possible.”

Every client of Harris & Co has a dedicated account manager who will deal with all aspects of their accountancy and tax needs. This has demanded significant investment and training by Harris & Co in its team, but that pays off by giving clients one point of contact who can answer any query and handle any aspect of the business.

“Clients should think of us as a business partner, someone who is part of their team and knows how the business operates,” added Phil. “You can’t just take the financial side of a business in isolation, you need to know how it operates and what their goals are so that you can advise on the steps they should be taking.

“We have always operated a fixed-fee structure right from the very foundation of the firm so that costs are agreed up front. That means clients know exactly where they are, no hidden surprises when they get our bill, and if someone wants to pick up the phone and ask a question, they won’t be put off by the thought that they’re racking up costs by coming back to us for advice and guidance.”

For more information about the services available at Harris & Co Chartered Accountants, call 01604 660661 or visit the website www.harrisandco.biz

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