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Keeping the motivation going

WHAT’S more difficult than starting a business? Staying in business.

Ask anyone who has set up their own business and they will tell you that the first year is the hardest but keeping the enthusiasm, motivation and drive beyond that is also hard.

Over the past 30 years, The Mallows Company has developed and evolved its client offer to encompass what businesses need most and that’s part of the secret – knowing your client’s demands and needs is vital to surviving in the business world!

However, another part of the secret is developing and evolving your team. By keeping your team ahead of the game in the commercial world with regular training and coaching, they will help deliver the results you need to stay in business.

The Mallows Company is proud to offer bespoke training and development to Northamptonshire businesses covering a range of topics – team management, team development, customer service, communication skills and social media development. By working with you on an individual level, The Mallows Company can create content which works for your business and resolves the questions and the queries you have which might be holding your team back.

“We were very pleased with the bespoke training we received from The Mallows Company for members of our team to support their communication skills and confidence. The individuals concerned all spoke highly of the development process and were very satisfied that the course had helped them to find ways to change behaviour and adapt their communication style to the person they were communicating with. I would have no hesitation in going back to the organisation again to help with future needs.” – Tom Skelton, CEO, KEB UK Ltd

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