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New corporate finance desk boosts accountancy firm’s offering

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AN AWARD-WINNING accountancy firm with more than 5,000 clients has expanded its services with the launch of a new corporate finance desk.

Elsby & Co has introduced a range of new resources over the past year to extend its offering far beyond the traditional compliance service provided by most accountancy firms.

One of the newest elements is Elsby Corporate Finance which in the past six months has helped clients with acquisitions, succession planning, corporate and commercial finance, business sales and valuations, strategic planning and corporate development.

The team is headed by David Howard pictured left, a business broker with more than ten years of experience and a proven track record of delivering acquisitions, disposals and finance to support clients along their journey.

“Most of our business is around small to medium enterprises but whether you are a sole trader or a small corporate enterprise with a turnover of around £20 million, we have services that can help,” Mr Howard says.

The corporate finance team has worked on a series of projects in the past six months, including the management buy-out of a £1.5 million business with 15 employees.

“We have made it feasible for the management to finance an acquisition that will allow them to take the company forward and enable the current owner to retire with a sizeable amount of capital for all his endeavours,” says Mr Howard. “It has given the owner the guarantee that his team will have ongoing employment and his customers will continue to receive the same support that he has given them for 30 years.”

Helping clients to plan ahead for their retirement or succession is one of the most important services Elsby & Co offer.

“We help company owners to understand how to maximise their business’ value, what options they have and how to create an enduring legacy for clients and staff,” says Mr Howard.

He has also been working with an HR firm on its buy, build and sell strategy. This took the organisation through a series of acquisitions which transformed it from a company with three employees and a turnover of £500,000 to a business with a £5 million turnover which then sold for more than £7 million.

“Acquisitions can bring new staff, new products, new services and new opportunities to existing businesses and, generally, finance is quite easily available,” says Mr Howard. “It is a route people should consider more often when they are trying to find growth in a business and we can help them with this.”

Elsby Corporate Finance is supported by more than 50 accountants and client managers at Elsby & Co.

“By introducing extra services liked our corporate finance offering, Elsby & Co has become a single point of contact for an expert team with a wide range of specialisms,” says Mr Howard. “Whatever our clients need help with we have the expertise to support them.”

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