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By Brian Kingston


AS promised last month, I write this article from China, the home of Huawei (pronounced by some ‘who are we’) the manufacturer of network infrastructure that promise not to use their equipment for any reason other than that which it is intended. I’m sure they wouldn’t dream of it and many countries have accepted this promise. I am currently on board the cruise ship Quantum of the Seas on my way from China to Japan.

Back to the UK. All networks want top-spot with 5G so EE has added further to its deployment plans, with the busiest transport hubs taking priority.

Having switched on, albeit very limited, 5G coverage in 20 cities around the UK, EE is surging ahead to expand the coverage of the high-speed airwaves. As is the standard approach to deploying a new network, the busiest hubs for connectivity are first on the agenda, with the green light lit in London Waterloo, Liverpool Street and Charing Cross train stations.

“Switching on 5G in more busy places will help to keep our customers connected to the things that matter to them the most,” said Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s consumer division. “Our engineers are building new 5G sites every day and increasing capacity on 4G sites – all part of our ambition to keep all of our customers connected 100 per cent of the time.”

Although some might be a bit irked that train stations are getting 5G exposure rather than their home or office, it does make sense. These are areas which are subject to congestion and notable network strain during peak hours, and let’s not forget, 5G offers greater spectral efficiency to ensure more devices can be connected simultaneously. Addressing these network congestion challenges will be a key objective to improve customer experience. adding further to its network deployment plans.

But isn’t this what all networks will be doing? Yes of course it is. After more than twenty years in this wonderful business of ours when it comes to which mobile network to use the one-fits-all policy adopted by many companies is not the best when it is possible to get a multi-networks deal.

I must admit, writing this article on an iPhone, with ‘internet at sea’ the only connection possible has not been the best experience I have ever had. Surely many readers will feel sorry for me struggling like this!

Ah well now it’s done I can return to the pool for a cool drink and a nice rest in the sunshine.

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