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SINCE 2013, BTT’s partners, Gamma have hosted the Gamma Ball Rally every year bar one and so far, it has raised £600,000 for charities. It holds a special place in the BTT diary and this year marks the fifth event.

The idea of the Gamma Ball Rally is to spend no more than £500 on the car, drive it around Europe (hope that it makes it) whilst taking part in some wacky challenges. All participants choose a theme for their car and team. This year, BTT decided on a Noah’s Ark theme. Robert made a great Noah and Shiv, a rather happy looking baboon.

It is always great for everyone to meet others in the industry, have fun and raise money for charity. This year, the charities were SpecialEffect and Action through Enterprise.

SpecialEffect (based in Oxford) help those with physical disabilities to be able to have fun and play video games using special technology. Essentially, they have modified the controllers so that the individual can use a different body part than traditionally used to play a game. Some are even modified to be controlled by eye movement.

It has a profound effect on the individual and family because it allows them to play, laugh and engage with each other. It has been shown to make a huge impact on their confidence and rehabilitation.

Action through Enterprise (ATE) began after a primary school teacher, Sarah Gardener, went to work in Lawra, Ghana, as a Teacher Support Officer. The UN Human Development Report 2010, describes Lawra as a community with chronic food shortages and 100 per cent poverty incidence.

Sarah set up ATE to help with the issues that she faced and has so far improved attendance of hundreds of schoolchildren through the provision of free school meals. She has also enabled small business owners to continue to gain new skills and make greater profits to support themselves and their families year-round.

This year, BTT are pleased to announce that the Gamma Ball Rally was a racing success and raised over £106,000. These charities are doing some great work and that money will go a long way to help support them.

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