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How good is your mental health?

By Suzanne Peck


Homefield Grange

WITH all the demands of business life, it’s easy to forget that paying attention to your mental health is just as vital as finding your next client. October 10 is World Mental Health Day and offers a good opportunity to look at this often neglected subject.

As a business owner myself, I have suffered and triumphed through the ups and downs of running my own business and employing people. If I could turn back time and counsel my younger self at the onset of my business journey, I would have made sure that I was stronger both emotionally and mentally in order to cope with the dark times. I didn’t appreciate the levels of worry, stress and feelings of overwhelm that being a business owner can often bring.

Depending on the business you have, the following challenges may seem all too familiar:

– regularly overworking to meet the needs of clients/business,

– blurring work and home boundaries

– fire fighting and taking on multiple roles – on top of everything else!

– feeling that the demands of my business are greater than my capacity to manage them

– managing cash flow, worrying about sales and finding new clients

Research shows that common signs that you are struggling with your mental health are; drinking alcohol to cope, avoiding social situations, finding it difficult to make decisions, and getting angry with people easily.

If the above symptoms resonate with you, what can you do to help yourself? Firstly, realise that your feelings of anxiety, stress and worry are completely normal. Studies by Forbes show that 99 per cent of business owners feel exactly the way you feel at some point.

Secondly, ensure that you take really good care of yourself. Eat a nutritious and well balanced diet, establish good sleeping habits, drink two litres of water a day, avoid stimulants like tea and coffee and exercise 30 minutes a day. Some simple changes will help you truly transform your mental health in just a few days.

Thirdly, step back and remove yourself from your business on a regular basis – for an afternoon, or, a day a week. This is a valuable tool to help your brain download, recharge and gain clarity.

Fourthly, join a networking community or a business club and meet like minded business owners who share the same concerns as you. This can be incredibly empowering and supporting.

Finally, it’s important to remember that your mental health is directly correlated to your ability to perform well for your business. You will achieve more by putting your wants and needs first in comparison to those who push themselves and don’t take care of their needs.

Homefield Grange offers the time and space to relax, recharge and release the worries of the day.

An extensive therapy list offers targeted treatments to restore mind and body. Gift vouchers available. Ring 01536 712219, or email enquiries@homefieldgrange for further information and advice.

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