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Paper trail can be a long and winding road

ALTHOUGH rarely involving actual paper these days, the process of importing and exporting goods requires a large amount of documentation to be completed promptly and accurately. Knowledgeable guidance is a strategic advantage to companies trading globally.

Dachser UK, the German logistics company, provides a seamless, end-to-end delivery service, ensuring the smooth and, above all, regulatory compliant transport of customers’ goods over customs borders. It is vital for importers and exporters alike to be able to rely on their logistics partner to navigate them through the extensive provisions of local and worldwide customs regulations as well as having the ability to coordinate the entire customs clearance process with local authorities.

In the UK, in addition to traffic delays, incorrect customs procedures are the biggest cause of late deliveries of goods. In the case of failures to comply with regulations, the delays can run into days or weeks rather than hours.

It is important to exporters in particular that they employ freight forwarders or logistics companies that are certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). This certification ensures security-related customs control advantages worldwide. As an AEO, Dachser has customs-approved security standards that not only simplify customs clearance, but also represent an official seal of approval for the company as a professional, global trading partner.

The advantages to UK companies, trading in competitive global markets, partnering with experts in regulatory compliance are extensive. The efficient, high-quality processing of all customs formalities by specialists allows the exporter to concentrate their human and financial resources on their core business rather than the customs process.

Experienced professionals efficiently process data using the local customs clearance system CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) this ensures the fast and safe handling of data.

Acting as a trusted intermediary between importers, exporters, carriers and customs authorities is a basic service offered by a logistics partner of repute. Facilitating a smooth delivery process by precisely drafting all necessary documents for customs and authorities is crucial, but transmitting these documents to all the relevant service providers and institutions such as airlines or shipping companies requires knowledge and well-established contacts.

The intermediary’s freight forwarding systems should be closely interlinked with local customs systems, and its employees kept up to date with the latest regulations. This is vital in the dynamic trading environment in which UK importers and exporters are currently operating, particularly regarding EU countries.

As UK exporters are looking increasingly to markets further afield, a logistics partner with true global reach is crucial. For those approaching new markets only accessible via ocean and air freight, experienced guidance is a considerable benefit especially when using unfamiliar modes of transport.

Along with their expertise in documentation procedures across the world, Dachser’s customs experts have in-depth experience in the specific security processes, helping guide UK goods to their destination safely and reliably.

For more information, contact Dachser UK on 01604 433100 or visit the website www.dachser.co.uk

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