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Staying in strong in the face of adversity

By Ross Williams

Alpha Contracts Leasing Ltd

FIRST there was Brexit, then an Election, then Brexit (again), then a Budget, and now Coronavirus Covid-19

You really do have to have some fortitude to remain in business today!

Due to editorial deadlines by the time you read this, the general situation will have advanced and will be more serious than we find whilst I’m writing this.

As businesses we are all going to feel the impact, be it staff shortages whilst employees are in isolation or working off site, potential cash flow issues as the levels of business being transacted reduces and of course the illness itself.

At Alpha Contracts we have plans in place, we’ve updated our Business Disaster Recovery Plan and are as confident as we can be that our phones will be answered and we can continue to help customers old, new and infected (!) with their requirements.

Your attention will be on the most important elements of your business and the car fleet probably won’t be one of those. If you have vehicles due to change in the next few months (with any leasing company) and would prefer to concentrate on the matters most important then why not ask either us or your leasing company about extending your contract by a few months until the world returns to normality. This will defer the decision for a while and remove one item from your To Do list. You might save a few pounds as well, which could help.

In the meantime please take care, stay well and safe and we look forward to sanity returning… If you need help then our number remains 01604 756620.

Safe motoring.

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