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The future of connectivity

By Robert Bright


WE were recently invited to an invite-only convention for the communications industry, called Comms Vision. The idea was to get key players from the industry and talk about the reality of Digital Britain, the impact and how to prepare.

Did you know that although we are one of the top five economies in the world but we rank number 33 out of 35 for our broadband infrastructure? Imagine the opportunities we might have if our broadband infrastructure was more effective.

At the convention, the key topics were about connectivity, in particularly, the roll-out of full fibre.

Your business is defined by your connectivity; how you interact with your customers, suppliers and staff but it is also defined by the speed of which you connect and interact with them. It is key for the day-to-day running of your business and its systems.

Strong connectivity means an increase in productivity, profitability, efficiency and business resilience. Not only is it important that businesses stay connected but that it remains a strong connection that won’t fail you as you grow.

BT previously announced that all ISDN lines are being switched off in 2025, so this has prompted an increased focus on rolling out fibre as an alternative.

Apart from the obvious advantage of increased speed, your phone system will require a strong broadband connection, regardless if you choose a hosted phone system or an IP Phone system which uses SIP Lines.

At the convention it was discussed that BT are perhaps not being as active as they could be in the roll-out of full fibre, so that other businesses such as CityFibre are pushing ahead.

The current set-up is fibre lines from the exchange to the green cabinet, then using the copper lines to go to your business. So, at the moment, it is highly like that you are only getting part-fibre. CityFibre (and other key players) are bypassing the need for the green cabinets and installing fibre lines from the exchange to your home or business which means lightning speed fibre, straight to your business.

Connectivity affects businesses at every level and as such, it shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when good connectivity can enhance a business. Could your business be more efficient with better connectivity? Get in touch to discuss your options, call Shiv on 0330 222 0330.

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