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Want a healthy and successful business?

IF you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple – Richard Branson.

Experienced business owners know that a happy workforce plays an important role in achieving a successful business. In fact, research shows that employees who feel valued and appreciated by their bosses are far more willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for a company – and feel happier doing so.

So if a happy workforce equals a successful business, follow some of these proven tips to promote both the health of your employees and your profit margins:

Be Attentive

When an employee is talking to you, pay attention and really focus on what they are saying and the details they present you with. Notice their tonality and body language and give them 100 per cent of you – even if you only have limited time to talk.

Make a good first impression

The way you conduct yourself, your posture and your facial expressions are clues to your staff regarding whether you are approachable and likeable. Be aware of your tone of voice, your gestures and your vocabulary when interacting with your team.

As James Bond says ‘Remember My Name’

If you have a large workforce, putting names to faces can be a challenge. However, research shows the most powerful way of upsetting someone is to forget their name. Being able to address people directly by name will automatically make them feel important and welcomed, so when you are introduced to someone for the first time, try saying their name several times during your conversation with them – this will make them easier to memorise.

Show You’re Interested

Ask questions, find out your teams’ interests, hobbies and passions. There is no need to comment on their latest beau, however, the trick is to let your team know that you see them as individuals and not just worker bees.

Give a little of yourself

Be willing to share a bit of yourself – who are you and what do you believe in. Are you passionate about a cause, what are your values, do these values come across in your business? Share with your team why you started your company and your vision for the future.

Reward your team with little things that matter

Why not send a quick email to a member of your team expressing your appreciation for their contribution to your business, or congratulate them on their recent performance on a particular project. Perhaps buy them a voucher for a relaxing day spa, (think Homefield Grange), or a cinema ticket for two.

In summary, if you value the health and success of your business, then each member of your team need to feel recognised as an individual, not just an employee. Successful businesses have a happy team that know they are valued. When that appreciation is felt, there’s nothing your staff won’t do to please you.

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