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Energy brokering – what’s the game?

By Jason Patel

SK Energy

ANY company can pretty much set up as an energy broker and the lack of regulation has attracted hundreds of new and unscrupulous operators to the industry. With barriers of entry becoming less and less there is a clear increase in the number of ‘umbrella brokers’ and ‘sub-brokers’ coming onto the scene.

Most businesses that we speak to have had the experience of energy brokers calling them out of the blue, the service standards rarely match up with what clients expect.

Poor energy brokers also rarely provide any clarity on their fees and will be reticent about offering references or contact details of previous clients.

The best way to avoid getting stuck with a bad apple is to properly grill the broker before signing up with them.

Make sure you find out about their fees, their relationships with suppliers whether they hold direct relationships or they sub-broker (don’t hold direct agreements) under other brokers or umbrella companies, their process and how much power you have over the final decision (hint – the final decision should always be left up to you, never give a broker the power to agree a contract on your behalf).

Be sure to double check the authenticity of the broker and whether they truly are independent and are working with your business in mind.

Why use a broker?

We often hear horror stories about dodgy brokers ruining businesses. It might be tempting to avoid the risk entirely and not use a broker, but there are some real benefits to using a reputable broker or alternative third-party intermediary.

Save time and money

Good energy brokers will compare energy prices in line with your business needs. They visit dozens of gas and electricity suppliers on your behalf and dig deep to find the very best deals. They will provide a comprehensive comparison of suitable offers so you can compare ‘apples with apples’ and provide a clear strategy with recommendations.


Energy brokers are industry experts. You will get significant benefit from using an impartial consultant telling you how the market relates to your business energy needs.


When your business energy contract expires, there is a good chance that you will roll over onto your supplier’s most expensive tariff. A good energy broker will stay in touch throughout your contract and will get in touch when it is time to find a new deal.

Do it the SK Way

At SK Energy we have an award-winning team of specialists with up-to-date market intelligence, who can handle the entire process for you, we are experts in the field and know where to look to find the most current tariffs, at the best rates, which are perfectly suited to your business’s needs including offers that you will not find anywhere else. SK Energy hold direct relationships with energy suppliers and have added challenger suppliers like Valda Energy, Dyce Energy and Gulf Gas & Power to our ever-growing supplier partnerships. This is in addition to the partnerships SK Energy hold with the Big 6 energy suppliers and further demonstrates our growing reputation within the industry. SK Energy provide you with dedicated account management which is unrivalled for both SME and corporate clients a like. SK Energy have saved businesses over £2m off their energy costs in the last 30 months alone.

Why not get in touch for a free no obligation energy and water health check for your business and see energy done another way – the SK way.

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