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TIME is money and that has never been more true than today. Corporate travel is all about saving precious time – time spent travelling to an airport, time at the airport and time on arrival.

Although corporate aircraft do not necessarily fly faster than the commercial airliner, significant time and hassle is saved either end of your flight. No queues, just a smooth passage to your destination.

Brooklands Executive Air Travel, based at Sywell Aerodrome, can offer the corporate traveller a more time-efficient and comfortable experience, enabling business executives to arrive at their destination fresh and not travel weary.

Brooklands Executive Air Travel has recently unveiled its latest addition – the Piper Chieftain PA31 – a fast and efficient aircraft, perfect for short haul trips for business or leisure. Able to seat up to eight passengers, these reliable aircraft offer the space and comfort you would want from private travel.

The Piper Chieftain is ideal for flying into small, difficult-to-access airfields across the UK and Europe that are not accessible by larger corporate aircraft, allowing you to be closer to your destination and saving on transfer times. Flying with Brooklands allows the flexibility to travel when you wish, free of the hassle of standard air travel at major airports.


* Powerful twin engines

* Up to eight passengers

* Executive seating

* Short runway capability

* Crew: one pilot (or two on request)

* Range: Up to 800 miles

* High speed cruise: 200mph


The aircraft offers luggage storage within its external wing lockers and can accommodate golf clubs, skis and sporting guns for those traveling for sporting events.

In-flight refreshments are available by prior request, with a range of drinks and snack options on offer.


Brooklands Executive Air Travel will launch with its Piper Chieftain PA31, which is the ideal Executive aircraft for short haul trips whether for business or leisure. The launch event will give guests the opportunity to hear more about Brooklands Executive Air Travel and what we can offer our business and leisure customers. Guests will also be able to have a look around the fabulous Piper Chieftain, and could even be in with the chance of winning a flight. 

Brooklands Executive Air Travel will launch in the summer and further information about the launch and how to register to attend will be available shortly.

For more information about Brooklands please visit the website: www.brooklandsairtravel.co.uk  or email 

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