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How did you create your website?

By Simon May

Managing Director

Rathlin Business Solutions.

YOUR website says a lot about you and your business. It is a front window for your business, so how did you go about creating it? A web design agency can be a good option but be aware of the pitfalls.

If an agency creates your website, who owns the domain name? Is it managed or even owned by the agency? Where is your website hosted? Make sure that the arrangements fit your long-term strategy.

There are running costs, even for a reasonably basic brochure-type website. These include domain name registration, a payment required usually annually or every two years, and website hosting. I advise keeping these items separate. In the future you may want to keep the domain name but no longer need that website hosting.

The Rathlin Approach to website creation starts at the domain name.

Go with something that means something to you and your business. Now purchase this domain name through a reputable supplier and find a web hosting site space.

Next, consider how the website will be set up. My advice is to make use of WordPress. There are other good website creation tools available, but I feel WordPress is the most flexible. Going with WordPress means that you are able to use all sorts of talent to create your website.

If you have gone with an agency, then they ought to be able to work with the parameters including your own domain name, own website hosting and a WordPress website.

This approach will mean a website which is relatively inexpensive to create, and to maintain, and will allow sufficient control and flexibility. You will not be tied into one single supplier.

You need to keep your website up to date. The simplest way is to write blog type articles which means you need space to publish, without paying extra fees. WordPress allows you to do this and you can add an online shop, with products. Keep it simple, manage it yourself and avoid paying someone else.

Document your website – what pages, types of pages, themes and menus are in place. This will help if you ever need a new supplier. The more you can write in a brief, the better the end result.

To talk through your requirements, call Rathlin Business Solutions call 01604 805912 or see the website at www.rathlin.net

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