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Improve your customer experience with call recording

IN this digital age, call recording has never been so vital to a business. Traditionally, call recording has been used for compliance, training and quality improvement. In today’s world, it’s part of a much bigger picture which has emerged alongside new technologies and deployment options.

dbfb partners with Oak Innovation to provide a total solution, integrating the best software and hardware options available, which is compatible with both on-premise and hosted phone systems.

Used holistically, call recording gives you the insight required to transform your customer experience. The data gathered can be used to help understand the flow of information, allowing you to provide user-focused content and service strategies – taking your customer service to another level.

Dispute Resolution

Call recording ensures every detail is captured. Flags and tags make it easy for recordings to be sorted and searched. Avoid those awkward ‘he said/she said’ moments. Any shred of doubt can be avoided before it becomes a problem. Oak’s 256-bit encrypted recordings provide acceptable legal evidence.

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II)

MiFID II regulations came into effect January 2018 affecting any business that provides financial advice over the phone. All transactions and any internal or external calls related to a transaction, including financial advice calls must be captured. All recordings must be securely retained in a tamperproof format for seven years.

PCI DSS Compliance

Stay compliant, avoid human error when taking card payments over the phone. Calls are automatically paused and resumed when the payment service provider’s web page is selected.

Improve Performance

Call recordings can be integrated with your CRM, or other back office systems, which not only provides streamlined customer data management but also gives you valuable insight to improve the quality of conversations and improve the flow of information, enabling you to provide a better customer experience.

dbfb’s Approach

dbfb’s solution will be designed specifically for you. We will tailor your call recording system to meet your individual needs.

We will spend time with you to fully understand your business and gain an in-depth understanding of your challenges, aspirations, people, processes and infrastructure. We will guide you through technology decisions and challenge thought processes and recommend a bespoke solution to grow your business

Our Prince 2 Certified team will ensure a smooth and on-budget transition to your new service. We will work with you to establish an implementation plan that suits you and your business. We will take ownership, lead and remove any risk.

We provide an outstanding managed service provision. The benchmark of success for our seasoned technology professionals is first-time resolution for our customers.

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